Door Switch

    Brass 2A

    Product Code 140LPB BRASS
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    A Door Switch that enables you to turn a light on and off in a cupboard or room. When the door is closed on the switch the light would be turned off, as soon as the door is opened and the switch is released the light will turn on.
    Colour Brass
    Construction Plated Steel
    Depth 40mm
    Height 79mm
    Width 25mm
    Amperage 2A
    Voltage 240V
    Door Switch Backbox Aluminium
    Door Switch Backbox Aluminium
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    Depth 28mm 40mm 50mm 40mm 28mm 50mm
    Height 78mm 79mm 42mm 79mm 78mm 42mm
    Width 24mm 25mm 16mm 25mm 24mm 16mm
    Colour Chrome Polished Steel Black Chrome Brass White
    Construction Polished Steel Plated Steel Plastic Plated Steel Polished Steel Plastic