G4 LED 1.5W 120lm Switching 12V

    1.5W (=15W) 2700K Warm White

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    The LED G4 is designed as a direct retrofit replacement for halogen G4 lamps. It has a comparable light output and beam spread to its incandescent and halogen equivalents (15W) but is up to 90% more energy efficient and has a far greater life span. The LED technology used in this lamp give it the comparable benefits of being entirely mercury free, producing little or no heat and having no ultraviolet or infra-red light in its output.
    Cap G4
    Colour White
    Construction Plastic
    Dimmable No
    Dimmable No
    Energy Efficiency Rating A+
    Maximum Wattage 1.5W
    Voltage 12V
    Light Characteristics
    Colour Temperature 2700K Warm White
    Halogen Equivalent Wattage 15W
    Lumens 120 lm
    Lumens Per Watt 80 lm/W
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    G4 LED 1.5W 120lm Switching 12V 1.5W (=15W) 2700K Warm White

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    £6.00 excl. VAT £7.20 incl. VAT

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