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Heat Alarm 240V (Lithium Battery Backup) White+

160e Series 240V Wired Lithium Backup
Heat Alarm

Heat Alarm
Voltage: 240V (Lithium Battery Backup)
Colour: White
Quicklink: Q2B78
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Product Code: EI164E HEAT
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The Ei164e Heat Alarm from Aico represents the next step in alarm evolution, being built on the proven quality and performance of Aico's previous 160RC Series alarms.

The new slimline modern design allows the alarm to be less obtrusive in the room, whilst maintaining the highest performance. The alarm also features a large central Test button to provide easier testing. The overall design complements the latest Aico alarms and accessories such as Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms and the Alarm Controller.

The Ei164e Heat Alarm, has a new thermistor which has a smaller thermal mass enabling it to give faster alarm responses when the trigger temperature of 58C is reached. The Alarm is best for detecting heat build-up from large flaming fires.

The Ei164e Heat Alarm is fully compatible with interconnection and data extraction technology. Simply plug-in a Module for wireless interconnection, saving disruption on installation by avoiding the need to lift floorboards or run interconnect cabling. The Module also allows data extraction using Aico's USB Tool (USB1) and radiolink software.

The Ei164e Heat Alarm is supplied with the base to facilitate quick and simple installation, combined with easy detector head removal and replacement. The base automatically connects both mains power and battery as the detector head slides on.

The alarm is fitted with a Test/ Silence button to facilitate frequent testing of the alarm and system. The silence function allows the alarm/ system to be silenced in the case of a false/ nuisance alarm, e.g. cooking fumes.

  • Mains powered with back-up 10 year rechargeable lithium cells
  • High performance thermistor sensor, best for large flaming fires
  • Thermistor has lower thermal mass for a quicker response when the trigger temperature of 58C is reached
  • New and improved base for quick, reliable installation
  • Is compatible with interconnection and monitoring technology
  • Remote Test with Alarm Controller - wired and wireless
  • Integrated piezo-electrical sounder
  • Has a Test/ Silence button
  • 10 Year life
  • Specification

    Colour White
    Diameter 150mm
    Height 63mm
    Voltage 240V