PIR Occupancy Switch with 1-10V Daylight Linked Dimming White 1500W+

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PIR Occupancy Switch with 1-10V Daylight Linked Dimming

PIR Occupancy Switch with 1-10V Daylight Linked Dimming
Colour: White
Maximum Wattage: 1500W
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The PIR Flush Mounted Occupancy Switch with 1-10V Daylight Linked Dimming is a passive infrared switch that dims between 1-10V depending on light levels. Bring lights on only when area is occupied, then automatically dims lights according to ambient light level. This maintains a constant brightness of between 100 and 1000 lux, which can be adjusted. The time lag before switching off can also be adjusted. Please see technical tab for more information.

For suspended or plasterboard ceilings. This product is designed to control dimmable high frequency fluorescent ballasts. Can be connected to any load type up to 6 amps (1500W). For ceilings between 2.2 and 5m in height, a diameter around the sensor of 5m is where the infrared sensor operates at its strongest.


Make sure power is switched off from the circuits you are working on by removing appropriate fuses, or switching off appropriate isolating switches.

There is an adjustment spindle on the switch. This is marked LUX, and adjusts the range over which brightness changes. This can only be adjusted in situ, and ideally with the aid of a lux meter so that the desired range of brightness levels are achieved under the luminaire(s) being controlled.

There are also two adjustment spindles on the side of the switch labelled TIME and LUX.
TIME: Setting the 'TIME' adjustment determines how long the lights remains on after the switch has lost detected movement. This ranges from 10 seconds to 40 minutes in nine discrete steps as follows: 10, 20, 40, 80, 160 seconds, 5, 10, 20, 40 minutes. (These times are approximate to +/- 20%).
LUX: Incorporated into the switch is a photocell override function which stops the lights coming on whenever there is sufficient daylight. If the 'LUX' knob is set fully anticlockwise the lights will come on no matter how bright it is in the room. With the knob turned clockwise it has to get darker in the room before the occupancy switch will be able to turn the lights on.

Turn on the power, when the switch will come on for about a minute for an automatic walk test. Stand away from the switch for a couple of minutes until the switch turns off. Movement near the switch should then cause it to switch on (subject to the room brightness and photocell setting), and then, if there is no more movement, it will go off after the set time lag.

The detection range is in a cone approximately 2.5m to 3.5m radius as floor level when mounted between 2 to 3m above the floor.
It should be mounted over the area where activity is expected, such as over a desk.


Colour White
Construction Plastic
Detection Angle 360
Detection Range 5m
IP Rating IP00 - No special protection against the harmful entry of various forms of moisture (e.g. dripping, spraying, submersion, etc.)
Photocell Range 100 to 1000 lux
Time Delay 10 secs to 40 mins
Cable Length 2m
Cut Out 64mm (Diameter)
Depth 68mm
Diameter 72mm
Amperage 6A
Maximum Wattage 1500W
Voltage 240V