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Floor or Table Light Dimmer 12V Black 60W+

Foot Dimmers
Floor or Table Light Dimmer 12V

Floor or Table Light Dimmer 12V
Colour: Black
Maximum Wattage: 60W
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The 12V Floor or Table light dimmer has an electronic transformer incorporated. It has a 240V mains input and a 12V 60W output. This means you are able to use low voltage halogen lamps.

General Characteristics
  • Amperometric protection
  • Protection against transitory surge voltages
  • Self-resetting protection against short circuit and overload
  • Soft-Start mechanism
  • Radio frequency interference fitter conforming to EN55015 AM1

    Installation Instruction
  • Use electronic converter exclusively with resistive loads and class 2 and 3 lighting appliances
  • Observe plate values shown
  • Place electronic converter away from heat sources
  • Tighten terminal screw accurately
  • Maximum length of connecting cable not more than 2m
  • Remove upper plastic cover
  • Cable model. use cable type H03VV-F or H03VV-H2F.
  • Block cable with cable clamps
  • Push spindle of potentiometer to limit stop, replace upper plastic cover after having pushed slider also to limit stop
  • Close plastic cover with screws
  • Please note: On the 240V input side the live and neutral cables can be wired to either terminal. On the 12V output side the positive and negative can also be wired to either terminal.


    Height 30mm
    Length 110mm
    Width 60mm
    Maximum Wattage 60W
    Minimum Wattage 20W
    Voltage 12V