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Silicon LED Light Ball Blue +

Glow Ball
Silicon LED Light Ball

Silicon LED Light Ball Blue  Example
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Silicon LED Light Ball
Light Colour: Blue
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The Silicon LED Light Ball contains high brightness LED's and built-in rechargeable battery. After fully charging the battery, lightly squeeze the ball to emit light. Simply squeeze again to turn off.

The ball can be dropped up to 85cm from the floor without damage as the lights are LED, so there are no filaments to break.

The ball has many useful applications. It can be placed next to art pieces or displays to shed a solid, bright, UV free light onto articles. It can also be used as a nightlight.

To recharge the battery, simply remove the plastic cap at the base of the ball and plug in the charger that is provided. The ball can light for approximately 3 hours on a 8 hour recharge.


Charging Time 8 hrs
Colour White
Construction Silicon
Life per Recharge 3 hrs
Weight 200g
Diameter 81mm
Voltage 4.5V