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Electronic Transformer With Integral Dimmer Blue 50W+

Flick 3000
Electronic Transformer With Integral Dimmer

Electronic Transformer With Integral Dimmer
Colour: Blue
Maximum Wattage: 50W
Quicklink: Q6D0
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We have designed and developed a revolutionary 12V 10W-50W rated low voltage electronic transformer with an integral dimmer, called the Flick 3000. It has 4 preset lighting levels and can be used with any existing light switch.

One press of the light switch, when used in conjunction with the Flick 3000, the light comes on with a soft glow. This soft start helps protect the bulb and can greatly increase lamp life. Three more gentle flicks each achieve a different light level, bringing the lamp up to full brightness and finally off again.

Each preset level on the Flick 3000 has been conveniently designed to create all lighting atmospheres required, be it for relaxation, watching television or entertaining. All moods are catered for.

As this unique Flick 3000 transformer operates using a standard light switch, normal load restrictions do not apply, it is now possible to run 3000 watts from a single 20 amp switch, thus making the use of expensive and often very large dimmer control packs obsolete.

The Flick 3000 is silent running, therefore has no interference noise commonly associated with low voltage dimmers.

To compliment the Flick 3000, we have designed the Flick Switch, a range of switches conceived to utilise push to break technology. These are available in a variety of finishes.

* Can be used in conjunction with any standard light switch
* 4 preset lighting levels achieved 10w - 20w - 35w - 50w
* No dimmers required
* Soft start helps protects the bulb and increase life up to 2 times
* Silent running, no noise
* Each 5 amp switch can achieve a 1000 watt load
* Enables dimming from any switch on a 2 way or intermediate circuit


Colour Blue
Construction Polycarbonate
Dimmable Yes
Transformer Height 35mm
Transformer Length 160mm
Transformer Width 48mm
Maximum Wattage 50W
Minimum Wattage 10W
Transformer Electronic
Voltage 12V AC