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Single Starter 4-22W T8 Fluorescent Tubes  Green+

Fluorescent Switching
Single Starter 4-22W T8 Fluorescent Tubes

Single Starter 4-22W T8 Fluorescent Tubes
Colour: Green
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The Osram ST151 Fluorescent Starter is commonly used as a lamp starter for 18W T8 fluorescent tubes that are located in series (block of 4 in most office buildings). This ST151 Starter can be used as a series starter 4W-22W at 240V or for single-tube operation at 110V. ST151 starters are suitable for: 110/130 V (AC), 4-22W single applications 220/240 V (AC), 4-22W series applications 220/240V (AC), 4-6-8-15-18-22W single applications 220/240V (AC), 18W single application (ST151 recommended for optimal performance).


Colour Green
Construction Plastic
Length 40mm
Width 21mm
Maximum Wattage 22W