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RadioLINK Base 240V (Rechargeable Lithium Battery Backup) White+

140RC Series 240V Wired 9V Backup
RadioLINK Base

RadioLINK Base
Voltage: 240V (Rechargeable Lithium Battery Backup)
Colour: White
Quicklink: Q2B79
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Product Code: EI168RC
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The Ei168RC Alarm base is a mounting plate with a built in RF circuit designed to fit beneath 140RC Series Alarms. It provides wireless interconnection between other enabled Alarms and Devices. Up to 12 other or devices can be interconnected together so that when one alarm is triggered all Alarms in the system will sound. An interconnected system will enhance early detection and warning of fire. The Ei168RC is mains powered with a backup lithium cell. This ensures the alarm base will still operate during a power outage and send out it's Alarm signal. The base includes a battery on/off switch which will automatically power the device upon Alarm head attachment.

Using the House-Code function you can install all of your alarms into one system. This will safeguard the system from interference from other RF systems. Likewise House-Coding prevents the system being a source of interference for other RF systems. The Ei168RC allows for easy expansion of an existing hard-wired interconnected system. Simply Fit an Ei168RC to one of the existing Alarms and fit the additional Alarms with Ei168RC bases and House-Code the Alarms into a system. If any Alarm, wired or wireless, is now triggered it will sound all the Alarms in the system. A mixed wired and wireless system is often referred to as a hybrid system. If using an Alarm Remote Controller or switch in a hybrid system it must be installed on the wireless section of the system.

  • RF upgrade for Mains Powered '140RC' Series Alarms
  • Enables wireless interconnection for Alarms
  • Mains powered with rechargable lithium cell backup
  • interconnect with up to 12 Alarms and Devices
  • Eliminates tricky wiring time
  • Reduces installation time
  • Reduces disrupition and inconvenience
  • Simple wiring amd house coding
  • Multi-path, Multi repeater 'Mesh' system
  • LED indicator
  • Supports wireless remote control
  • Same Easi-fit base
  • Specification

    Colour White
    Depth 20mm
    Width 140mm