Halogen MR16 (Constant Colour) IR 20W (=35W) 10°+

Halogen MR16 (Constant Colour) IR

Halogen MR16 (Constant Colour) IR
Maximum Wattage: 20W (=35W)
Beam Angle: 10°
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The Halogen MR16 (Constant Colour) IR lamp provides the same high quality of light associated with other low voltage halogen lamps while using around 43% less energy. An infra-red coated capsule reflects heat that would normally be wasted back on to the filament, allowing it to burn brighter. Consequently more visible light is produced for the same input power, saving both energy and money.

Like other constant colour dichroic lamps the Halogen MR16 (Constant Colour) IR's reflector is coated with a thin heat resistant film. This coating can withstand very high temperatures without any degradation so that consistent colour is maintained throughout the life of the lamp.


Cap GU5.3 / MR16
Dimmable Yes
Diameter 50.7mm
Length 50.5mm
Maximum Wattage 20W
Voltage 12V
Light Characteristics
Beam Angle 10°
Candela 6000 cd
Halogen Equivalent Wattage 35W