Feelux TCS2 Wired Dimming Switch White Change Brightness Levels / Colour Temperature+

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Feelux TCS2 Wired Dimming Switch

Feelux TCS2 Wired Dimming Switch
Colour: White
Type: Change Brightness Levels / Colour Temperature
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The Feelux TCS2 Wired Dimming Switch is a single circuit wired dimmer. It has seven different brightness levels and seven different colour change settings. Two parallel lines of different colour temperature tubes would be used, ideally internal and day light tubes. Simply press one of the seven buttons to select a different light level and press one of the other seven buttons to choose a colour temperature. It is wired directly between the power cord and your Seamless DimLine/DimSlim fitting. No interface is required.

A Feelux Remote Controller is available separately that offers the same functionality of this switch but with the ability to make commands wirelessly. Communicates directly with the wired dimming switch, no additional interfaces are required.

Please note that if the power cord is to be extended to connect with this product or Feelux 0/1-10V Interface for connection to a dimmer switch, 3-core cable must be used. This product can operate 2 channels with a maximum run of Seamless DimLine/DimSlim of 10 pieces per channel and up to 300W per dimmer regardless of channel.

A booster is available to allow an extra two rows of ten dimming fluorescent fittings if needed. Please note that if the power cord is to be extended to connect with this switch, then 3-core cable must be used.


  • Control range: 7 levels of each intensity & Kelvin temperature
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Output protocol: PWM 400Hz


Colour White
Construction Plastic
IP Rating IP00 - No special protection against the harmful entry of various forms of moisture (e.g. dripping, spraying, submersion, etc.)
Depth 38mm
Length 120mm
Width 70mm
Maximum Wattage 300W
Voltage 240V