Butterfly Emergency T8 5ft 1566mm 2 x 58W+

Butterfly Range
Butterfly Emergency T8 5ft

Butterfly Emergency T8 5ft
Length: 1566mm
Maximum Wattage: 2 x 58W
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The Butterfly Emergency T8 2 x 58W is a fitting with a self contained ballast and a 3 hour emergency backup unit. It requires 2 x 58W fluorescent T8 tubes. A white metal deflector directs the light onto surfaces, reducing glare.

This fitting is popular within commercial applications such as offices, warehouse, shops, public buildings and cellars.


Fitting Depth 80mm
Fitting Length 1566mm
Fitting Width 180mm
Length 1566mm
Maximum Wattage 116W (2 x 58W)
Voltage 240V
Light Characteristics
Halogen Equivalent Wattage 580W