LNMN 1m Strip Kit 18W 1000mm+

RGB Tube 24V
LNMN 1m Strip Kit

LNMN 1m Strip Kit 18W 1000mm Example LNMN 1m Strip Kit 18W 1000mm Example LNMN 1m Strip Kit 18W 1000mm Example
LNMN 1m Strip Kit
Maximum Wattage: 18W
Length: 1000mm
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The RGB 1m Strip Kit has all the necessary components to achieve colour change LED strip lighting over a small area of space, such as under a cupboard.

The kit, with its easy programming and installation, takes all the effort out of colour change cove lighting.

The kit can be used in domestic or commercial applications, meaning you could colour change your living room, cinema room, the office or clubs & bars, the options are endless.

Possibly the brightest colour change cove lighting available, the RGB 1m Strip Kit will create astonishing colour effects before your very eyes.

LED Lamps

The Chameleon controller can handle a maximum load of 180 watts.

Wireless Switches and Remotes A wireless wall switch or remote is needed to control the LEDs. Using either a 7 button wall switch or remote allows the user to:

  • Select one of the 8 preset colours (Red, Green, Blue, White, Orange, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)
  • Start a smooth colour cycle
  • Reverse the colour cycle
  • Choose between 3 different colour cycle speeds
  • Pause on one of the 1000 different shades of colours available
  • Re-program the 8 preset colours with 8 colours of your own choice

An unlimited amount of Chameleon Spectrum Kits can be controlled using a wall switch or remote.


Maximum Per Chameleon 10
Length 1m
Light Characteristics
Beam Angle 110