Rettangolo Track 600mm 3 x 1.2W+

LED Track
Rettangolo Track

Rettangolo Track 600mm 3 x 1.2W Example Rettangolo Track 600mm 3 x 1.2W Example Rettangolo Track 600mm 3 x 1.2W Example Rettangolo Track 600mm 3 x 1.2W Example Rettangolo Track 600mm 3 x 1.2W Example Rettangolo Track 600mm 3 x 1.2W Example
Rettangolo Track
Length: 600mm
Maximum Wattage: 3 x 1.2W
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The Rettangolo Track is ideal for providing light in cabinets and kitchens. The aluminium smooth finish with translucent glass covers give this fitting sophistication, matching especially with the latest modern kitchens. The bright 1.2W LED internal lamps provide a powerful ambient glow and excellent energy efficiency.

Please note: One 350mA LED driver is required per Rettangolo Track.

Use the plastic template to equally space and fasten each mounting screw and fixing clip to cupboards or shelves. Clip the related fixing clips to the fitting and push to attach. A power lead is provided that connects to the fitting. Please note that the white connector plugs into the fitting. If the black connector is cut for connection to an LED driver, the striped cable is positive and solid colour lead is negative. Choose the LED driver required depending on your requirements.


For switching function only, a 10W 350mA LED Driver is sufficient for all single Rettangolo Track installations. Please ensure not to exceed the maximum wattage of the driver.


For dimming function, there are two products that can be used depending on the installation route used. If the Rettangolo Track is to be connected to a standard resistive dimmer switch, a Resistive Load Dimmable LED Driver can be used to dim the LED lamps. Please note that this LED driver does not have a minimum load to adhere to but you would still have to follow the minimum load of the dimmer module/switch it is connected to. This would usually be 25W - 60W, depending on the dimmer being used. As this fitting is only 3.6W, another light fitting will be required to be connected to the same circuit to meet the minimum load.

Alternatively, if the Rettangolo Track is desired to be the only fitting to be dimmed on the circuit it is installed to, a 1-10V Dimmable LED Driver can be utilised. Please note that this LED driver will only function with 1-10V dimmer modules and switches only. It is likely that most dimmer switches will not be compatible with this LED driver. Purchase a 1-10V Wired Dimming Switch or alternatively, for existing dimmer switches, change the incorporated resistive dimmer module to a 1-10V High Frequency Dimmer Module.


Dimmable Yes
Lamp Spacing 200mm
Number of LED's 3
Cable Length 1000mm
Depth 10mm
Length 600mm
Width 25mm
Amperage 350mA
Maximum Wattage 3.6W (3 x 1.2W)
Light Characteristics
Lux At 1m 100