Feelux DALI / DSI / DMX 4 Channel Interface Black 3500W+

Feelux DALI / DSI / DMX 4 Channel Interface

Feelux DALI / DSI / DMX 4 Channel Interface
Colour: Black
Maximum Wattage: 3500W
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The Feelux DALI/DSI/DMX 4 Channel Interface uses all three common input protocols. This means that you can dim your dimmable fluorescent fittings with the following control systems; Lutron, Cbus, Leax, I-Light, Crestron, Rako, Helvar, Dynalite, etc. Both DALI and DMX will operate four separate circuits. The DSI will dim all outputs together.

The maximum connecting load for individual output is 10 pieces per channel and 400W per unit.


  • Translates standard DALI 4 device protocol with DALI
  • Translates standard DMX 512 protocol
  • Translates DSI protocol
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Current: 20 amp terminals
  • Mechanical fixing: DIN rail clip lock

This Dali unit must be tested with the Dali control system to confirm compatibility. We do not take any responsibility for incompatibly with any Dali system.


Depth 66mm
Length 209mm
Width 86mm
Maximum Wattage 3500W
Voltage 240V