Rania IR 2 Gang Dimmer Satin Nickel 2x250W+

Lyneo (Dimming)
Rania IR 2 Gang Dimmer

Rania IR 2 Gang Dimmer Satin Nickel 2x250W Example Rania IR 2 Gang Dimmer Satin Nickel 2x250W Example
Rania IR 2 Gang Dimmer
Colour: Satin Nickel
Maximum Wattage: 2x250W
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The Rania ultraquiet intelligent dimmer can softly fade lights on or off. Select your desired light level using the arrow buttons. Each press up or down is indicated by the green LED's. One tap on the on/off button brings the light last level on. A double tap softly fades up to full brightness the circuit on or off.

The built-in IR (infa-red) sensor inside the switch also allows you to change the ambience of a room without leaving your chair when used in conjunction with the Rania IR Remote control. Change the light level at any time, from anywhere in the room. The remote control has a range of 10 metres from the switch.

Important Notes

  • Only use electronic transformers when using this switch to dim low voltage fittings such as downlighters
  • To avoid overheating and possible damage to other equipment, do not use this product to control fluorescent lighting fixtures, motor-operated or transformer supplied appliances
  • Only one dimmer can be used in a 2 way circuit
  • The dimmer requires a minimum lamp wattage of 40W. Do not exceed the maximum rating of 500W
  • This fitting may not work with LED lamps
  • Suitable for low and mains voltage load types


Depth 25mm
Length 85mm
Width 85mm
Maximum Wattage 500W (2 x 250W)
Voltage 240V