Inter Extrusion Anodised Aluminium 1000mm+

Aluminium Surfaced Extrusion - LED Tape
Inter Extrusion

Inter Extrusion
Construction: Anodised Aluminium
Length: 1000mm
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The Inter Extrusion comes in 1m lengths and is used to house our TAPE100, TAPE120 or TAPE30.

Extrusion made from high quality, double-anodized aluminum, which has one compartment for a light source. The profile can accommodate LEDs (max. 3 or 4 LED strips of 12mm and 10mm each, respectively), as well as electronic equipment such as the power supply and controls.

One of the accessories offered for the extrusion are diffusors that shade and protect LEDs inside the profile. The extrusion consists of two elements: U (main component, in which you install electronic equipment) and Z (rail fixed to the surface). Combining both elements is done by a snapping the two components.


This profile is used in the production of various types of lighting fixtures for ceiling mounting illuminating down. The design of the extrusion allows you to hide electronic equipment inside, so we get a wide range of applications, e.g. illumination of pedestrian lanes running along walls or ceilings, hotel or office corridors, stairs, etc.

Parts Required


As many lengths of extrusion can be used as is desired. Any 1m piece can be positioned end to end with each other to make an unlimited distance.


An Endcap is required for each circuit of extrusions being used. It is positioned at each end of the extrusion in the circuit and is used to stop dust from and moisture from interfering with the electrical components.


A diffuser is used to give the light a more even blend. Simply purchase the same amount of diffusers as you did with extrusions.


Colour Aluminium
Construction Aluminium
Depth 60mm
Length 1m
Width 50mm