Feelux 0-10V Interface White 2 x 400W+

Feelux 0-10V Interface

Feelux 0-10V Interface
Colour: White
Maximum Wattage: 2 x 400W
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The Feelux 0-10V Interface enables you to dim your Seamless DimLine/DimSlim fittings that are controlled by 0/1-10V dimming switches. This allows them to be dimmed by many well known and respected dimming systems such as Lutron, Leax, RAKO and Wise Controls as well as any standard 0/1-10V dimming switch. The interface allows 20 dimming fluorescent fittings to be connected to it in 2 rows of 10 (maximum 400W on each of the two outputs).

A booster is available to allow an extra two rows of ten dimming fluorescent fittings if needed. Please note that if the power cord is to be extended to connect with a Feelux TCS1/TCS2 Wired Dimming Switch or this interface, then 3-core cable must be used.

For more detail on other interfaces and to see other colour options for dimmers that are compatible, please click on the product.

Lutron 0-10V Dimmer

This wired dimming switch has the same functionality and wiring as the standard 0/1-10V dimmer. Ideal for use where other Lutron switches are used and complimentary switches are required.

Wise Wireless Dimming 0-10V

Any Wise switch can be used in conjunction with this interface to control your Seamless DimLine/DimSlim. A WisePack 0-10V Dimming is required and connected between mains and the Feelux interface to receive the wireless signal. This option has the benefit of being able to control your fluorescents wirelessly, without the need for wiring to a fixed switch. Different switch types are available, including a small convenient keyfob switch.

Wise Fusion Dimming 0-10V

The Wise Fusion 0-10V dimming receiver requires a 0-10V interface / driver, and will allow you to dim any load, no matter how small, easily and smoothly. Simply connect your dimmer and interface to the mains, run a 2 core cable to your 0-10V interface from your dimmer, and connect your lighting circuit to your interface.

RAKO Wireless Dimming 0-10V

Just like the Wise wireless dimming option, a RAKO Wireless Wall Switch can be used to control your fluorescents wirelessly with no need for wiring. A RAKO/Wise 0-10V Interface will need to be connected between the mains and the Feelux interface.

PIR Sensor Dimming

Alternatively, instead of using a dimmer/switch, a PIR Occupancy Switch sensor could be used which will automatically turn your lights on and off as well as dim them depending on light levels.


  • Current Limit: Maximum 2A/Channel
  • Input Signal: DC 0-10V/1-10V
  • Rated Input: AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Output Power: 220-240V, PWM output 2 channel
  • Output Load: Seamless DimLine/DimSlim Maximum 10 pieces/channel


Maximum No. Units Inline 20
Depth 131mm
Length 150mm
Width 43mm
Maximum Wattage 800W (2 x 400W)
Voltage 240V