Ceiling PIR Switch White 16A+

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Ceiling PIR Switch

Ceiling PIR Switch
Colour: White
Amperage: 16A
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The unit is a self contained, ceiling mounted, Passive Infra Red Detector and switch. It is mains powered and produces a switched mains output. This is a relay switch which can be connected in parallel to other switches. Adjustments can be made to on-time and lux level. The unit can be installed without the need to access both sides of the ceiling.

A self contained ceiling mounted passive infra red detector with a switching capacity of 16A.

A novel installation method protects the ceiling and allows adjustments to be made more accurately without the unit hanging on its cable.

Access from below the ceiling only is required for fixing.

Variable 'on' time from 18 seconds to 18 minutes (the timer will reset after each time the sensor is triggered) and lux levels from full daylight to full dark.

There are several versions, 2m and 4m of cable length and with or without IP44 (splashproof) rating. All these are also available as a surface mounted version when there is no ceiling void.


Detection Angle 360
Time Delay 18 secs to 18 mins
Cable Length 2m
Cut Out 64mm (Diameter)
Depth 72mm
Diameter 82mm
Amperage 16A
Voltage 240V AC