RadioLINK Base 240V (Rechargeable Battery Back-up) White

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RadioLINK Base

RadioLINK Base
Voltage: 240V (Rechargeable Battery Back-up)
Colour: White
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Product Code: EI168RC
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The Ei168RC is designed for use with 2100, 160RC and 140 series smoke and heat alarms to enable a comprehensive system without the need for a cable between any alarms.

The Ei168RC is powered by 230V AC mains. It has a built in tamper proof Rechargeable Lithium cell battery back-up designed to last 10 years and outlast the life of the unit, and can power the unit for up to 8 weeks in the event of mains failure.

The Ei168RC has a unique House Code feature which allows the units in a particular building to be coded together so they will not interfere with alarm systems in adjacent properties.

Up to 20 RadioLINK Professional units can be installed on one system.

The Ei168RC has an amber LED low battery warning indicator which will flash once every 10 seconds when the unit is low on charge.

The Ei168RC unique Easy fit design allows very quick and simple installation of the alarms, combined with simple removal and replacement.


  • When the attached smoke or heat alarm is activated, the Ei168RC transmits a Radio Frequency interconnect signal to all alarms in the system, setting them into alarm state. When the original alarm stops sounding, it will send a cancel signal silencing all other alarms.
  • The unit is activated when the smoke or heat alarm is slid into the base, automatically connecting the batteries.
  • The unit has a Multi-Level Repeater Function; which allows signals to be received and retransmitted, improving the number of signal paths.
  • The units when installed must beHouse Coded together. Insert a small screwdriver into the House code slot, until the amber indicator is on, then remove the screwdriver. The amber indicator will now flash once every few seconds. Repeat the process on all other units in the system, You will then after a short time notice the amber indicator should be flashing the correct amount of times for the amount of alarms in the system (4 alarms = 4 flashes, 5 alarms = 5 flashes etc).
  • The units will automatically exit House Code after 30 minutes. The system is then set.
  • Specification

    Brand Et Lumiere
    Colour White
    Depth 20mm
    Width 140mm