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You're here: Home > Accessories > LED Power Supplies > Dimming (1-10V) > 1-10V Dimmable LED Driver (Constant Voltage) White 42W 24V
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  24V   42W
The PTDCD40S10 has a dimmable independent constant voltage power supply. The 24V output voltage is PWM modulated (adjustable duty-cycle between 4% &100%) High efficiency and reduced weight and size.

Dimmable output current of 24V. Dimmable by means of external signal 0/10Vdc or 47k Petentiometer.

Standard 0/1-10V Dimmer

This is the most popular type of dimmer used with this interface as it is most commonly used in the home and will easily fit into existing back boxes. A 1-10V Wired Dimming Switch and 1-10V High Frequency Dimmer Module for creating your own switch plate are available.

Lutron 0/1-10V Dimmer

This wired dimming switch has the same functionality and wiring as the standard 0/1-10V dimmer. Ideal for use where other Lutron switches are used and complimentary switches are required.

Wise Wireless Dimming 0/1-10V

Any Wise switch can be used in conjunction with this interface to control your Seamless DimLine/DimSlim. A WisePack 0-10V Dimming is required and connected between mains and the Feelux interface to receive the wireless signal. This option has the benefit of being able to control your fluorescents wirelessly, without the need for wiring to a fixed switch. Different switch types are available, including a small convenient keyfob switch.

RAKO Wireless Dimming 0/1-10V

Just like the Wise wireless dimming option, a RAKO Wireless Wall Switch can be used to control your fluorescents wirelessly with no need for wiring. A RAKO/Wise 0-10V Interface will need to be connected between the mains and the Feelux interface.

PIR Sensor Dimming

Alternatively, instead of using a dimmer/switch, a PIR Occupancy Switch sensor could be used which will automatically turn your lights on and off as well as dim them depending on light levels.

Product Code  PTDCD40S10 24V
Construction  Plastic
Voltage  24V
Maximum Wattage  42W
Length  150mm
Width  67mm
Depth  30mm
Maximum LED to Driver Length  20m
Transformer  Electronic
Wiring  Series

CE Marked: Item meets all the essential requirements of all applicable EU directives.

IP (Ingress Protection): No special protection against the harmful entry of various forms of moisture (e.g. dripping, spraying, submersion, etc.)

1-10V Dimmable LED Driver (Constant Voltage)
Colour: White

Type: 42W 24V

Product Code: PTDCD40S10 24V
Dimmers & Switching Modules > 1-10V Dimming 4 Wires
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LNTV-F20BFAWM Lyneo 1 Gang 0/1-10V White 300W £43.50
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DR1S1000W INT 1 Gang Intermediate Rotary Switch 1000W White £18.16
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CEFL PIRDD 10VDC PIR Occupancy Switch with 1-10V Daylight Linked Dimming White 1500W £58.55
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RCP07 WHITE RAKO Wireless Wall Switch 7 Button White £111.00
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WISEFL17 STL1 Wise FL17 Wireless Switch Stainless Steel 1 Gang £28.68
Wise Controls Wireless Lighting > Wireless Keyfobs
WISEKF1 Wise Keyfob Remote 1 Channel Light Grey / Black £30.60
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